3D signs manufacturer

Three-dimensional wall lettering, illuminated and non-luminous, is a way to introduce an accent to a public space or a private room, which will distinguish the customer in an original way. We offer both large-size free-standing 3D letters for the facade and smaller decorations for interior walls or desks. We use many years of experience and proven technologies to produce our advertisements. Using modern CNC machines, we create durable letters from aluminium, steel, brass, fibreboard or plastic. You can choose 3D wall lettering with or without LED modules. Advertising letters illuminated on the building will also draw attention to themselves at night, shining on both sides or one side depending on the option. The shape of the advertisement is also an important issue. We would like to point out that we make decorative letters for walls that are flat, but above all – three-dimensional. Our versatility is confirmed by hundreds of orders completed according to the designs of our customers, whose work may be even the most sophisticated graphics. 3D decorative letters of an unusual spatial form are a challenge which we will gladly meet.



In public spaces, for example in front of a company’s headquarters or on the square in front of a shopping centre, elegant illuminated letters will come in handy. Alurapid – the strips from which we make our free-standing advertising lettering are made from the thin aluminium of the same name – perfectly protect the chic signs. We also propose lettering for the interior of a pharmacy, office or catering premises. It is worth adding that we offer not only wall-mounted, but also free-standing 3D letters. The producer of 3D letters provides advertising also for production plants, retail shops and colleges – we are flexible and take care of the right solution for each customer.



At the customer’s request we will make any, even the most original free-standing sign. Unusual advertising allows you to stand out from your competitors’ signs. Interesting three-dimensional letters on the wall (illuminated lettering with an interesting font) are also appreciated by contractors or customers who will notice the entrepreneur’s ingenuity. Unusual advertisements may have a logo which is not a simple pattern – it is often a complicated logotype with many colours and a complex band shape. Alurapid allows you to achieve the desired effect in the form of an originally made letter. Non-standard advertising can also be made of materials such as styrodur, office board, PVC or metaplex – we will undertake any order.

We offer the possibility to assemble in-house, which will significantly reduce the value of the order

We provide professional advice, an assembly template for your own assembly


We offer the production of 3D spatial signs – a unique solution for advertising.

Every shape

We can produce letters in any shape, size, and color

Flexible pricing

We adapt our pricing to the needs and possibilities of the client by flexibly adjusting our offer.

We document our work
We offer a quick installation

We also offer the possibility of installing the letters in the location indicated by the customer throughout Poland.





    3D free-standing letters and lettering for facades

    Among our proposals it is worth mentioning the free-standing 3D letters, mounted on the roof or placed in front of the company’s headquarters. This is an advertisement resistant to external factors, which – based on a stabilising structure – will withstand even the strongest gusts of wind. We also offer letters for the façade. The 3D luminous wall lettering is firmly attached and lightweight, which is due to our use of high-quality plastics. We also recommend metal decorative letters for the wall – brass, steel or aluminium advertising is durable and beautifully presented.

    Our work includes small and large letters for the wall or free-standing. We carry out both projects of large-size inscriptions for the facade of large shops, and small decorations for home or office. When making letters for a building, we try to advise the customer on the colour and size of the advertisement so that it matches the surroundings and is of the right size. We also offer assistance in the selection of material – depending on the use of the lettering, the best choice is PVC, acrylic, steel or alurapid tape. We also make illuminated letters out of brass, chipboard, styrodur and PET-G filament. In each case they are durable illuminated letters for the wall three-dimensional or flat.

    Advertising illuminated letters - neon logo

    A large part of our orders are neon letters – visible even at night. To illuminate them we use Samsung GOQ LED modules powered by Mean Well devices. We give a five-year guarantee for the set, just like for the whole illuminated lettering. The pricelist of the illuminated lettering is presented to the customer each time when responding to a request concerning an order.

    It is worth telling you more about the light effects you can choose when ordering advertising from us. We offer decorative wall letters with double-sided illumination – LED modules light up both the face and the background of the lettering. You can also consider one-sided illumination or an option where the front and sides of the advertisement are illuminated. We also recommend 3D letters with a halo effect: the background is light and the face of the logo is dark. By using a diffuser, we obtain diffused light on the back of the advertisement, which increases the attractiveness of the illuminated letter to be placed on a wall or put up. The luminous glow is pleasant to the eyes and is a great way to invite evening guests to your premises, for example.

    Three-dimensional letters made of dibond, PVC and acrylic

    An important issue is the material from which we make 3D advertising letters. Some of our best proposals are illuminated plexiglass wall lettering – lightweight and resistant to weather conditions. We also recommend PVC letters, as polyvinyl chloride can be easily dyed to any colour and also processed, which allows for the creation of extremely complex shapes. Polycarbonate is another material worth attention – plastic letters made of transparent material are fantastically resistant to mechanical damage. Unusual adverts are also made of MDF board, styrodur or PET-G filament. When choosing flat letters for a signboard, however, we usually create the advertising lettering from dibond – a 3 mm thick composite panel.

    Decorative metal letters - self-adhesive and on spacers

    What do the sides of our lettering look like? Many of the advertisements we produce are alurapid letters – secured with aluminium tape. These include both double-sided logotypes and single-sided letters made of tape. Alurapid is a very resistant material, therefore even 8-10 mil layer is able to effectively protect the sides of the metaplex lettering. Thanks to this, the letters standing or mounted on the wall do not lose their fantastic look even after many years of being exposed to weather conditions. The alurapid used for the creation of the elegant illuminated letters – alurapid tapes are among the most durable – is resistant to moisture and temperature changes, therefore it will prove its worth at any time of the year.

    In our offer you can also find flat metal letters, made entirely of brass, aluminium or steel. In each case the material has been thoroughly protected against corrosion – we offer illuminated wall lettering made of rust-resistant alloys as well as chrome-plated metal letters. The price of an advertisement depends, among others, on the size of the inscription and the type of alloy – brass logotypes are more expensive than aluminium letters. It is also worth paying attention to the way the inscription is fixed. An excellent idea is to place the advertisement on spacers, which gives the effect of spatiality of the logo. We also offer self-adhesive metal letters, which can be easily attached directly to an interior wall or façade.