Production of 3D signs

Produced 3D spatial signs may have a variety of shapes, sizes, colours, it all depends on your own idea, the place of their exposition and the role they are to play

3D non-luminous free-standing signs

Free-standing signs are becoming an increasingly popular form of displaying a logotype or a spatial inscription. Free standing letters are perfect as a large, decorative element of visual identification. They can be an attraction for viewers. They are often immortalised in photographs and published in social media. The letters are made entirely of aluminium sheet.
They are powder coated in any colour chosen from the RAL palette. The thickness of such a letter is about 20-30cm. The most common height, from about 100cm to 200cm. A simple font without serifs is preferred.
The front (face) of a letter is made from cut aluminium sheet 2-3 mm thick.
Sides of the letters are made of aluminum sheet 1.5-2 mm thick, according to the shape of the logo or letter cutting.
The back of a letter is made of cut aluminum sheet thickness 2-3 mm.
The entire letter (front, sides and back) are connected to each other by internal welding and have an internal strengthening structure + feet approx. 20-30 cm protruding from the letter. The whole letter is painted in any colour chosen from the RAL palette. After painting they form a uniform 3D solid.
Letters are fixed to a hard concrete surface made beforehand.

What distinguishes us from the competition:

  • Aluminium letters are very durable.
  • They do not corrode, powder coated.
  • We use structural reinforcements inside the letters.
  • We use high-quality LED modules with a 60-month warranty
  • The attached paper template allows easy self-assembly