LETTERS Ledon , neonflex

Production of 3D signs

Produced 3D spatial signs may have a variety of shapes, sizes, colours, it all depends on your own idea, the place of their exposition and the role they are to play

LETTERS Ledon , neonflex

For retro style lovers or those who recall with nostalgia the years gone by, we offer letters and shapes made with ledon tape (the so-called neonflex)
Ledons are the neons of the 21st century. This flexible tape, which resembles a classic neon sign, can create outlined, simplified versions of logos, lettering or shapes. It is best formed into the shapes of long, rarely intersecting lines. Available in several basic colours: warm, neutral, cold, red, green, blue, yellow.

Neon signs, due to their flexible shape, require the use of a base. Such a backing is most often colourless plexiglass mounted on decorative spacers or suspended on steel cables. The backing does not have to be rectangular in shape. Ledons are powered by low-voltage current (12V or 24V) and therefore we attach a transformer to each set.

What distinguishes us from the competition:

  • After initial acceptance of the quote we prepare an individual, personalised design based on the materials sent.
  • Ledons in contrast to traditional neon signs are not made of glass and therefore are not as susceptible to damage.
  • Ledons are safer than traditional neon signs because they are powered by low-voltage low voltage current
  • We use MeanWell power supplies (transformers) with a 60-month guarantee.