Production of 3D signs

Produced 3D spatial signs may have a variety of shapes, sizes, colours, it all depends on your own idea, the place of their exposition and the role they are to play

Demanding customers who appreciate the contour illumination achieved by the so-called halo effect, but would like to have the front of the letters illuminated, the solution is letters illuminated on both sides. It is possible to switch on each type of backlight separately, so we do not have to choose whether we illuminate letters with the front or the back. You can switch on both types of lighting at the same time, or choose whether you want to switch on the light from the back or from the front. The front (face) of the letters is made of opal polycarbonate 3-4 mm thick, according to the established shape of the letter or sign. In order to obtain backlight colour (front, face) consistent with the colour of the logo or the customer’s individual expectations, we use high quality 7-8 year old translucent films dedicated to backlight from leading manufacturers such as Oracal, MacTac, Avery. The sides of the letters are made of a very durable aluminium tape 60,80,100,120 mm wide in white, machine bent (CNC) according to the shape of the logo or the cut of the letter. The whole letter (front and sides) is connected with each other with an internal adhesive bond. Additionally, it is possible to spray-paint the sides with any RAL colour. Backlighting is provided by high-quality LED modules Samsung GOQ – hermetic IP67 (with a 60-month warranty) with a neutral colour temperature of 6500-7000 K. Back (front) – standard opal plexiglass diffuser (3-4 mm thick) diffusing the light; optionally we can install a separator which prevents the back light from shining through to the front. Sleeves are mounted to the letter to distance the letter from the wall (at a distance of 2cm ~ 5cm)

What distinguishes us from the competition:

  • On the front of the letters we use polycarbonate instead of plexiglass (high-impact plastic, more durable for mechanical damage and strong sunlight).
  • Sides of the letters are made of aluminum sheet PT 1.0 mm (more durable than the popular, thinner ones available on the market) in widths of 60mm, 80mm, 100mm, 120mm
  • We use high-quality LED modules with a 60-month guarantee
  • We use MeanWell power supplies (transformers) with a 60-month guarantee
  • Most of our projects are carried out on aluminium frames with electrical installation distributed between the letters, which makes the installation much faster and easier,Download