Production of 3D signs

Produced 3D spatial signs may have a variety of shapes, sizes, colours, it all depends on your own idea, the place of their exposition and the role they are to play.



One of the most popular forms of illuminated logotypes are advertising panels, so-called light boxes. This form allows the exposure of the logotype by placing it in the shape of a rectangle, as openwork milled, illuminated letters and graphics. The light box takes the form of the so-called box with a standard depth of approx. 5 cm (it can be thinner or thicker).
The front and sides are made of Alupanel composite panel (commonly known as dibond) milled openwork, only those elements which are to shine are illuminated, the background is then opaque. It is possible to additionally paste 10mm plexiglass into openwork cut-outs, creating illuminated letters or graphic signs protruding from the coffer for about 10mm.
The back of the letter is made of PVC 8-10 mm. For backlighting we use high-quality LED modules Samsung GOQ (with a 60-month warranty) with a colour temperature of 6500-7000 K.

What distinguishes us from the competition:

  • On the basis of the sent logotype we advise how best to make the coffer, and which elements to leave mesh and which with pasted 10mm plexiglass.
  • We can even make panels 3cm thick
  • Sides folded into an envelope
  • We use high quality LED modules with a 60 month guarantee
  • We use MeanWell power supplies (transformers) with a 60 month guarantee
  • We attach a drawing of how to easily perform the assembly on your own

Assembly method: